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The Three Barriers to Making Your Dent

You’ve always been about the most innovative person you’ve ever met. In fact, you probably have to “bury” a few great ideas each a day. This takes extraordinary discipline, but right now that doesn’t seem like such a big deal because you are laser focused on one amazing opportunity.

It’s going to change the world, or at least one really important corner of it.

Except for these three little challenges:

Time. Talent. Treasure.

These three competing pressures seem to work against each other and worse, against you. You’re at a critical point in the development of your business and you need resolutions and support – FAST. But cutting corners can be expensive — and short-sighted.

Common Ailments of The Early Stage Venture

You know your customer – your end user – is the most important person in the whole product cycle. But it’s difficult and expensive to get to them.Like every other growth operation, you have to run a little too lean. This means you’re probably doing too much of the wrong things yourself.

Because of this, some of your teams may be working inefficiently or at cross-purposes.

And while you’re working to get your idea into the world, so is the competition. Some of your competition is other organizations. But there is also competition from the clock itself. You’ve got to get to market before time and money run out.
Then there is the market itself – Volatile. Unyielding.

The Rx: Time To Call Special Ops

I help innovators that struggle to get their ideas to market on time and on budget with the insight, leadership and tactical experience they need to scale their projects.

My extensive experience in media, educational technology and health + wellness has given me decades of experience using information technology to educate, inspire, and influence.

As a master plate-spinner with decades of early-stage experience, I can fill critical gaps in product, marketing, and operations leadership as new ventures form.

I have the versatility, pattern recognition, and often the network to assist strategically. It is kind of like hiring a special ops commander.