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About Me

Hello! I’m Betsy Peters.

I have been a founder, advisor, or senior executive in start-up businesses for 20 years.

My passion for entrepreneurship began at the age of 13 when I had my first job – a 3-mile paper route featuring a 7-pound Sunday edition and a pack of overly protective canines that were on a mission to keep me from mine.

That fifteen dollar a week job was the start of a non-linear career. Over the last twenty years, I’ve personally led more than 30 innovative projects, launched 4 businesses, and raised more than $25 Million to fund the ventures I’ve been involved with.


 From launching the first website in the ski industry and producing the first live webcast from the top of K2, to developing the programs that got 400,000+ women in menopause off pharmaceuticals, and founding an award-winning business recognized as an educational innovator by the  Obama White House, I’ve made a career of using the internet to educate, inspire, and influence.

My clients hire me because of my breadth of experience. I can fill key positions in a unit that is transforming so you don’t have to hire FTE’s unless and until it’s absolutely necessary.

Specifically, I have worked as:

  •      Founder,
  •      Senior Executive,
  •      Revenue Chief,
  •      Brand Manager,
  •      General Manager,
  •      Product Strategist & Lead Developer,
  •      Adjunct Professor,
  •      CEO,
  •     Board Chair, and
  •     An advisor to others who are creating interesting work in the world.

Details are available on LinkedIn.

Why I LOVE advising innovative businesses & inspiring others to start them

It’s all about making a difference. I love entrepreneurial businesses because they are one of the most effective ways to create a positive ripple in the world.

  • An idea.
  • A plan.
  • A prototype.

All can connect hearts and minds and MOVE markets.

Plus, there’s this — through our work, we change lives.

Entrepreneurs are the essential “bridge” between innovation and commercialization.

  • We solve problems.
  • We create jobs.
  • We connect talent with possibility.
  • We promote curiosity.
  • We support education.

ALL in the face of fear, resistance, and denial.

We are the great explorers and innovators of the 21st Century. We develop businesses and technologies that serve the highest of human potential. I enjoy nothing more than furthering this kind of work. I want to work with interesting people and ideas to bring the very best quality of life to all we serve.

As one of my heroes once said, “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.” As an advisor, I do that and more.

I deliver: 


to Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and their world-changing organizations.

Back Story

Nature + Nurture.
My mom: a dance teacher with aspirations to be Cecil B. DeMille. My dad: salesman and CEO of a family business. I was raised to believe in the art of possibility and to lead from whatever seat I was in. So I either had to pick up that gauntlet or become a punk rock warlord (it was the 80’s).

“Drop The Cultural Baggage.”
I spent 6 months studying in Kenya during college hacking together a curriculum that resembled cultural anthropology 301. The 3 homestays, the market haggling, and the countless hitchhiking trips proved that following my intellectual curiosity was usually a doorway to deep learning. Best of all, living with the Samburu taught me how to drop my “cultural baggage” and really observe, and hopefully learn to understand a culture different from my own. 

The Human Engine of Innovation
In 2008 I became a school board member and received a crash course in the state of public education. Fundamentally, technology isn’t revolutionizing learning yet and there are critical gaps in a curriculum designed to prepare students for an age of profound disruption. So I dove in deep – deep enough to; launch an award-winning blended learning program, to advise ed tech businesses, & to coach teams for the international creativity championship “Odyssey of the Mind”. I am currently fascinated by Flow and how to help others unlock it.