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Innovation Challenge? Bring in Special Ops.

Hello. I’m Betsy Peters. I’m an entrepreneur and a strategic advisor based in Portland, Maine.

I’ve worked at the intersection of business strategy and emerging technologies for the past twenty years; raising funds, building products, leading teams, and managing growth. As a founder, advisor, and senior executive in innovative ventures, I’ve developed the leadership skills that translate vision into impact for partners, teammates, and clients. I am passionate about talent development, lifelong learning, and the application of data & technology to further both. Most of all, I love to lead teams to challenge the status quo and do work that matters.

My Services

My firm, Cambium Enterprises offers entrepreneur-powered consulting. We provide product, market, and leadership development services to entrepreneurs, innovators, and other rebels. As a Special Ops Commander and master plate-spinner with decades of experience scaling innovative ventures, I have assisted clients with:

  • Product & Go To Market Strategy
  • Market Research, Customer Discovery & Validation
  • Strategic Partnerships & Business Development
  • Business Model Creation & Fundraising
  • P&L Management & Resource Allocation
  • Board Creation & Management

I tell my mom that I act like a swiss army knife for promising ventures that are scaling quickly. I have the deep operating experience to plug key holes in a growing team as well as the versatility, pattern recognition, and often the network to assist strategically.

Secret Sauce

I start with the belief that each human being possesses a unique form of genius. Then I mix a natural appetite for deep inquiry, rapid learning, and lean prototyping with my 10,000+ hours of start-up experience mitigating risk and managing talent toward the greatest rewards. This approach helps me identify the lead dominos that set off a chain reaction of positive results. From there it is Plan. Test. Learn. Adjust. Transform. Until a project has reached sustainability and scale.

Industry Focus

I have extensive experience in using emerging technologies to educate, inspire and influence. I’ve founded, led and advised enterprises in media, wellness, talent development, and lifelong learning (K-12, Higher Ed, & Professional Learning).

I believe that how we lean into the future to solve humanity’s problems is the most important challenge of our time. Helping entrepreneurs, innovators, and educators cultivate the curiosity, compassion, and courage required to create solutions that are not just exponentially better than the competition – but also better for humanity, this is the focus that drives my work.

Clients & Collaborators

“I worked closely with Betsy for roughly six months on a highly complex, multi-stakeholder project. She brought great depth of experience and a remarkable ability to get to the heart of issues and build momentum. Betsy is also keenly oriented to solving problems and pursuing high-value opportunities, along with being a pleasure to work with. I’d be pleased to work with her again in the future.” – Scott Dalessandro, Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

“There’s no simpler way to say it — hire Betsy!! She’s an incredibly versatile, seasoned executive and consultant, who blooms where she’s planted. Whatever the challenge, Betsy will bring her consequential blend of empathetic listening and roll-up-your-sleeves doing. She does exceptional work with diverse teams, coaching others to manage up and get things done.”

“It’s unusual to find a consultant who has her degree of operating experience. Whether you have a marketing challenge that’s outstripping current internal capacity or need general strategic support, she’s your woman; she will sidle up alongside you and your team, and bring it. The BetterLesson team and I are better for having had Betsy by our side.” – Erin Osborne, COO BetterLesson


“Betsy advised me through a period where we experienced the most substantial growth to date for my software startup company. She is a straight shooter and consistently delivers spot-on advice. Her knowledge of business strategy at various stages from startup through sustained growth means that she can assist at many points in a company lifecycle.

Betsy’s ability to listen, understand the issues, and quickly assess where to be most effective, were a tremendous benefit to my company. She breaks through bottlenecks and inspires momentum. If you are looking to move quickly and want a no-nonsense business advisor to help propel your company forward, you want Betsy at the table.” – Brian Rahill, CEO Coursestorm


“As an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Maine Technology Institute, Betsy provided business strategy insights and marketing consulting to early-stage companies. Leveraging her own start-up experience, as well as her twenty-plus years with media and technology companies, Betsy worked with companies to get them back on course in product development and market penetration. Her strong communication and leadership skills, plus the ability to convert complex research data into a concise business plan, provided positive direction and inspiration for all her clients.” – Carl Spang, Private Investor


If I’ve sparked your interest and you have a problem to solve, I’d love to hear from you at betsy (at) betsypeters (dot) com.